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About us

FillCo Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of soft fillings for furniture industry, the production of quilts, pillows and toys. Production started in 2010 on the basis of modern machine for production ball from polyester-K1. Our location in central Poland makes the distribution of the product easier so that our commitment, "just in time" is a matter of honor.

We specialize in the production of polyester balls. For production we use high-quality polyester fiber to ensure our products:

  • softness
  • lightness and elasticity
  • low susceptibility to clumping and deformation

Because of a rising demand for novelty in furniture industry, in 2013 our company has started a new line to produce a highly fluffy fabric, Ovata(wadding). In order to produce Ovata we use the highest quality, polyester fibres using thermal binding method. It ensures our products with:

  • Softness
  • Elasticity
  • Resistance to deformations
  • Resiliency
  • Lightness

We produce not only furniture Ovata, but also quilts, clothing, and building Ovata. It is used in furniture industry as padding and softening layers in upholstered furniture, in productin of sleeping bags, jackets, used as fillings to quilts, cushions, heat-insulating clothes, overalls and to insulate buildings. It is produced in white colour, lengths from 80g/m2 to 1500g/m2 and width 160cm, but also in accordance with individual order of our customers.

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Here is the possible use of our products:

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